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Based in Los Angeles, California, I'm a photographer whose camera captures the essence of my personal journey through the lens. Every image I share is a cherished moment transformed into art, an expression of the creative spirit and narrates my story.

My portfolio is a bit of a mosaic reflecting diverse interests & passions: It's shaped by an engagement with the profound teachings of Kabbalah, my commitment to combatting anti-semitism, and my use of photography as a tool for promoting peace, understanding and unity. This is also where my dedication to preserving our natural environment is expressed.

My love for nature takes me to the ocean shoreline, exploring both water and wildlife.  Each photograph is a window into the beauty and mystery that I see around me. My portfolio showcases a little bit of everything that I think makes this world so wonderfully complex and beautiful.

My journey into photography began with a moment of revelation. When I first experimented with capturing water in my images, I was surrounded by a few who viewed the art through a narrow lens, focusing on superficial aspects. However, I saw something entirely different. My fascination wasn't with the conventional but with the artistic potential that water held. This epiphany, amidst my increasing love for ocean photography, was a major turning point in my life. It made me think, 'Wow. This is freaking awesome! I am definitely going to create something artistic with this.' That's when I decided to dive deeper into the world of photography, enrolling in courses to refine my skills. My portfolio is a testament to my profound love for nature and water and where each wave captures a single unrepeated & unique moment in time. It's in the interplay of light, water and stop-action, that I find a deep sense of connection and tranquility.


Through my photography, I aim to share a unique perspective, spotlighting the beauty in the world that I think often goes unnoticed. My camera not only captures visuals but also encapsulates my emotions and story. In a world marked by challenges, from worldwide conflicts to environmental crises, my goal is to find and showcase the silver linings. Transforming moments of darkness into inspiration, my work seeks to offer a different lens through which to view our world.

This collection is an invitation to explore and appreciate the beauty around us. It's a celebration of life's simple pleasures and a reminder of the power of positivity. Each photo is a shared moment of my journey, an expression of love, beauty and extended to you for enjoyment & reflection.

I share a heartfelt thanks to all of the women and men who believed in me from the start and who have supported me throughout the ups & downs of learning everything. Your faith in my vision and your invaluable guidance have been the cornerstone of my growth. I'm eternally grateful for everything and all of the great moments you've given me.



All images protected by copyright.

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